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LVVWD customer service lobby closed until further notice

Dear Customers,

Providing a safe and reliable water supply to the community is the utmost importance and top priority to the Las Vegas Valley Water District, especially during these unprecedented times. We want to assure you that we are committed to our customers and employees’ health and safety during the continued spread of COVID-19.

For this reason, the Water District is taking the following precautionary steps. Effective Wednesday, March 18, the LVVWD customer service lobby, located at 1001 S. Valley View Boulevard, will be closed until further notice. The self-service payment kiosk located outside the lobby remains available for customer use. The LVVWD offers numerous services online and via telephone to assist you with your needs. Call (702) 870-4194 (or 800-252-2011) for customer service options or for more information.

We understand that a number of community members are facing financial hardships. Because of this, the Water District has suspended all water service disconnections or shutoffs for delinquent and/or non-payment until further notice. We will continue to work with customers to establish payment arrangements and other services, as needed.

The Water District is currently implementing our readiness and response plans to help ensure continued water availability to our community. Southern Nevada’s state-of-the-art water distribution system can provide water under a number of emergency situations, including COVID19.

Southern Nevada’s drinking water is treated using a combination of ozonation, filtration, and chlorination, which are on the leading edge of water treatment processes and effective at removing contaminants from water. Chlorination, which is used throughout Southern Nevada’s water distribution systems, is extremely effective at destroying viruses and microorganisms during the water treatment process and maintaining disinfection throughout the water system.

We know how important our responsibility is to the community to provide uninterrupted water services, and the Water District staff and employees are dedicated to ensuring that you and your family received this essential resource during this time.