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Las Vegas Valley Water District

Water Charge Increase to Fund Drought-Protection Project

In 2012, the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) formed the Integrated Resource Planning Advisory Committee to help guide future water resource planning for Southern Nevada.

The advisory committee—whose members were appointed by SNWA's Board of Directors—represents a cross-section of community residents, businesses, chambers of commerce, and educational, environmental and financial sectors. Committee members were tasked with developing recommendations on issues affecting SNWA, including funding.

In 2014, the committee was asked to address issues related to the Colorado River drought, the effects of climate change, and the effects of declining water reservoir levels on the reliability of Southern Nevada's municipal water system.

During the process, the committee made a key finding: that the risk of Lake Mead's water level falling below 1,000 feet was not acceptable to the community due to the potential impacts on water delivery and resource availability.

To protect the community from losing access to nearly all of its water supply, the committee recommended construction of a new low lake level pumping station. The committee also recommended generating the revenue needed to design and build the pumping station through a fixed charge based on water meter size, phased in over a three-year period.

The committee’s recommendations were approved by the SNWA Board of Directors on December 10, 2014. At a March 3, 2015, public hearing, the LVVWD Board of Directors adopted the SNWA fixed charge.

The charge will go into effect for LVVWD customers on January 16, 2016.

The following table lists increase amounts according to water meter size. At full implementation in 2018, an average residential customer’s water bill would see an increase of approximately 16 cents per day.

IRPAC-recommended Rate Model
Phased-in Drought Protection Charge

  Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 and Beyond
Drought Protection Charge per Month per Meter
(No increases to Infrastructure Fireline Charges)
Residential- 5/8" & 3/4" meter sizes $2.41 $3.61 $4.81
Residential- 1" meter size $4.56 $6.84 $9.11
Residential- 1.5" meter size $9.13 $13.67 $18.22
Residential- 2" meter size $14.61 $21.88 $29.15
Residential- 3" meter size $29.21 $43.76 $58.30
Residential- 4" meter size $45.64 $68.37 $91.10
Residential- 6" meter size $91.29 $136.74 $182.20
Residential- 8" meter size and larger $146.06 $218.79 $291.52
Non-Residential- 5/8" & 3/4" meter sizes $2.41 $3.61 $4.81
Non-Residential- 1" meter size $4.56 $6.84 $9.11
Non-Residential- 1.5" meter size $9.13 $13.67 $18.22
Non-Residential- 2" meter size $14.61 $21.88 $29.15
Non-Residential- 3" meter size $29.21 $43.76 $58.30
Non-Residential- 4" meter size $45.64 $68.37 $91.10
Non-Residential- 6" meter size $91.29 $136.74 $182.20
Non-Residential- 8" meter size $146.06 $218.79 $291.52
Non-Residential- 10" and larger meter size $209.96 $314.51 $419.05

Impact on Businesses

LVVWD informed businesses in its service area that it is considering the drought-protection rate increase by publishing a Business Impact Statement notice, as required by Nevada Revised Statute 237.030. LVVWD also provided copies of the notice to local chambers of commerce, trade organizations and other business groups.

Comments on the proposed increase were accepted from small businesses through Jan. 20, 2015, and were included in its Business Impact Statement. The Business Impact Statement was approved by the LVVWD Board of Directors on Feb. 3, 2015.

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