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Las Vegas Valley Water District

Protect pipes and hoses from cold weather


Don't let cold weather get the best of your

Extreme cold temperatures can cause pipes and hoses in and around your home to become damaged or broken.

Protect your water lines from expensive repairs by following our simple winterizing tips.

  • Disconnect and drain hoses when not in use.
  • Insulate your irrigation backflow device by covering it with a towel and placing a bucket that touches the ground over it.
  • Wrap exposed irrigation pipes with pipe insulation, insulated "faucet socks," an old towel or duct tape.
  • Set heat to at least 55 degrees when you're away to protect pipes and houseplants. Also when away, turn off the water valves to your washing machine to avoid burst hoses.

Tips for Kyle Canyon residents

While most of Southern Nevada does not get cold enough to freeze pipes, the temperatures drop below freezing often in the higher elevations each winter. Use these tips to protect your pipes and irrigation system.

Heat Tape

You can protect exposed pipes from freezing by wrapping them with good insulating material, available at nurseries, hardware and building-supply stores. One method to protect pipes is heat tape, which is wrapped around water pipes. The heating element warms the pipes and prevents freezing. Follow the manufacturer's directions when installing and never overlap the heat tape -- it can cause a fire.


If you'll be away from home for an extended period of time, keep interior pipes from freezing by setting your thermostat on low instead of turning it off completely. Don't let your faucets run to prevent pipes from freezing.  This wastes water and can lower well levels, triggering a change in well operating conditions.

Irrigation Systems
When freezing temperatures arrive, close the valve to your irrigation system. Drain your drip system by removing end caps. This will prevent damage to soft pipes when frozen water expands. You also can purchase insulated wraps to protect exposed pipes as well as spigots.

Remember, outdoor landscape watering in Kyle Canyon ends when the first freeze occurs.



Protect your pipes from the frigid winter weather with these tips.

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