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Las Vegas Valley Water District

Las Vegas Wash

photo of Las Vegas Wash at sunset

The Wash is a natural wetlands.

The Las Vegas Wash is a tributary that channels stormwater, urban runoff, shallow groundwater and highly-treated wastewater into the Las Vegas Bay at Lake Mead.

Less than 2 percent of Lake Mead's water comes from the Wash, but it is of particular interest to the Las Vegas Valley Water District for the unique role it plays in the valley's ecological picture.

The Wash is a natural wetlands and its marshy qualities help polish impurities from the water flow. In addition, the wetlands area is home to a variety of plant and animal species.

The Wash's banks have suffered large-scale erosion over the past 20 years and are in danger of further erosion which could eliminate the channel. Efforts are currently under way to strengthen the banks and expand the Wash.

As a member agency of the Southern Nevada Water Authority, the Water District assists in programs to help protect and restore the Las Vegas Wash. For more information, continue to the Las Vegas Wash website.

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thumbnail photo of the Las Vegas Wash

The community has come together to protect the Las Vegas Wash.

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