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Public Records Request

Public records are available for inspection as required by law.

To expedite your request and ensure we are providing the correct information, please fill out the form completely and provide as much detail as possible to accurately identify the requested records. Your request should describe identifiable public records maintained by the Las Vegas Valley Water District, Southern Nevada Water Authority and/or Las Vegas Springs Preserve.

Requestor Information
Records Information
Describe in detail
Need for copy of records
Method records are to be produced/transmitted

If electronic data exceeds 10 megabytes, the use of email to transfer the information is not an option and an alternative method will be used. A fee may be charged by the District for collecting and reviewing documents and providing them in the requested form. The fee may include the actual cost of doing so, and, if extraordinary use of personnel or technological resources is required, the statutory fee of 50 cents per page. Records related to geographical information systems may be charged reasonable costs as provided in Nevada Revised Statute 239.054.

Please verify: