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Las Vegas Valley Water District

Conservation Measures

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It's a desert out there. Be water smart.

The Las Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD) is committed to the efficient use of water.

As a member agency of the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA), LVVWD adopted the SNWA's Drought Plan in 2003 and integrated water conservation measures from the drought response plan into its Service Rules.

Since LVVWD's adoption of the Water Authority's Drought Plan in 2003, conservation efforts in the Las Vegas Valley have helped the community reduce its per capita water use by 37 percent between 2002 and 2015, even as the population increased by more than half a million residents during that time.

In 2015, Southern Nevada used 125 gallons per capita per day. (Note: This number reflects water from all sources used by residents and businesses served by municipal water providers, as well as recovered indoor water treated and returned to the Colorado River system and water used by 40 million annual visitors. Because different water agencies' calculation methodologies vary, comparing cities' water efficiency through the use of this metric is not recommended.)

Conservation Measures


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