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Las Vegas Valley Water District

Fountains & Water Features


Residential fountains with a surface area
of 25 square feet or less are allowed.

City of Las Vegas and Clark County ordinances restrict the use of water to fill or refill man-made lakes and decorative water features.

Residential Fountains

Fountains and water features with a surface area of 25 square feet or less are allowed.

Fountains in Residential Common Areas

Same as residential fountains, but the water feature cannot be incorporated into an entryway or streetscape, as defined by local government and only one fountain or water feature may be operated.

Non-Residential Fountains

Use restricted - see below.

Re-Circulating Water

A fountain may maintain a re-circulating water pool to sustain pumps, pond liners, surface coatings and ancillary equipment. The water feature may run only between 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. or whenever freezing conditions require system preservation.

Man-Made Lakes

A man-made lake with more than one acre of surface area comprised all or in part of water delivered by the district will pay the same rate as metered construction water for fill water (see Section 8 of the Water District Service Rules). Lakes that serve as a functional reservoir for a golf course are included in the calculation of a golf course water budget.

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Exemptions - City of Las Vegas

  1. Swimming pools and recreational water parks, both public and private, are exempt.
  2. Fountains and water features supplied by privately-owned water rights or by water rights obtained by means of a state-issued permit.
  3. Water fountains or features at a single-family residence that does not exceed 25 square feet surface area. Not more than one fountain or water feature in the common areas of a residential complex, provided the feature is not an entryway or streetscape feature, and its surface area does not exceed 25 square feet.
  4. Fountains or water features that are necessary and functional components serving other allowable uses (i.e. storage ponds on a golf course or aeration devices).
  5. Indoor water features with the majority of the total water volume contained indoors or underground. If practical alternatives exist for separating indoor and outdoor components, they shall be separated and managed accordingly.
  6. Fountains or water features necessary to sustain aquatic animals provided such animals have been actively managed within the water feature.
  7. Fountains or water features integral to the operation of a resort hotel.

Applying for an Exemption - City of Las Vegas

Commercial property owners must submit a request for exemption to the City Manager and a water use reduction plan to the Las Vegas Valley Water District with a copy to the city. The granting of an exemption is subject to the following conditions:

  • The fountains or water features for which an exemption is sought must not be operational at the time of the request for an exemption.
  • The water use reduction plan must provide for a minimum total water savings of greater than 50 times the consumptive use of the operation of the fountain or water feature.
  • Turf removal at a 50-to-1 ratio of turf removed to fountain surface area is required in order to gain a fountain exemption in the first year that an exemption is requested.
  • Should a property not contain enough turf to complete the necessary conversion, the property owner must pay $10 per square foot of fountain surface area. In subsequent years, a fee of $250 is required.

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Water Feature Contacts
Agency Phone Number
Boulder City (702) 293-9229
City of Las Vegas* (702) 229-6301
Clark County* (702) 455-4314
Henderson (702) 267-2500
North Las Vegas (702) 633-1577

*The service area of most Las Vegas Valley Water District accounts are located in Clark County or City of Las Vegas.

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