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Las Vegas Valley Water District

Mandatory Watering Schedule

Assigned watering groups are mandatory for all customers. Running your landscape irrigation system outside your assigned days is water waste and may result in a water-waste fee or citation.

Watering Group Winter
A Monday Monday, Wednesday, Friday Monday-Saturday
B Tuesday Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Monday-Saturday
C Wednesday Monday, Wednesday, Friday Monday-Saturday
D Thursday Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Monday-Saturday
E Friday Monday, Wednesday, Friday Monday-Saturday
F Saturday Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Monday-Saturday

Additional Watering Restrictions

  • From May 1 through Aug. 31, landscape watering is prohibited from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Watering with a handheld hose and supervised testing of your irrigation system are allowed any time.
  • Watering new or reseeded landscapes daily for up to 30 days is allowed once per calendar year. Call (702) 822-8571 before the planting takes place so we can make note of this on your water account. See more exemptions.
  • Watering restrictions also apply to drip irrigation. In fact, experts agree that running drip irrigation less frequently is much better for plants than daily watering. See our drip watering tips.
  • In the summer, watering restrictions allow landscape watering any day of the week through August. We recommend sprinkler watering four days per week and increasing the schedule only if your landscape needs more water.
  • For lawns, use the cycle and soak method for sprinkler watering. On your assigned watering days, water in three 4-minute cycles, with about an hour between each cycle if using pop-up sprinklers. Water for about 12 minutes each watering cycle if using rotating sprinkler heads.



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