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Irrigation clock surrounded by leaves

Irrigation clock tips

Your irrigation system is the key to creating a healthy, water-efficient landscape. Use the tips in this section to know how to water and when.

How to set your irrigation clock

Most irrigation clocks have programs A, B and C to help ensure different areas of your landscape are getting the right amount of water. Using them correctly will save water and money.

Program A – Sprinkler irrigation

Using the cycle-and-soak method of landscape irrigation, water your lawn 3 times a day, 4 minutes each watering for each assigned watering day, scheduling start times at least one hour apart.

Programs B and C – High-water use and water-efficient plants on drip systems

The types of drip emitters you use, variety of plants in your landscape, and soil conditions all play a role in figuring out how much to water your landscape when it comes to drip irrigation. To ensure efficiency, group high-water use plants on one program and low-water use plants on another.

For detailed directions on how to set your irrigation clock, refer to the product manual on the manufacturer's website.

Smart controllers

If setting your irrigation clock seems like a daunting task, simplify the process with a smart controller, which automatically manages watering times and frequency in response to weather changes, such as rain or high winds.

Smart controllers also reduce over watering and outdoor water use by an average of 15 to 30 percent.

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