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Understand your Big Bend water bill

This graphic shows the Big Bend Water District bill, marking the location of each section described in numbers 1 through 14 on this page.

For a brief explanation of the Big Bend Water District bill sections, a sample bill is shown of a residential customer's water bill. 

The dates and values shown are for illustrative purposes only and differ from those shown on an actual bill.

If you have questions or need more information, view the Big Bend Water District Service Rules or call Big Bend Water District Customer Services at 702-298-3113 during normal business hours (Monday through Thursday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.).

  1. ADDRESS: Person responsible for the bill.
  2. ACCOUNT NUMBER: Account of service address.
  3. DATE BILL MAILED: Date bill was taken to the post office.
  4. SERVICE FROM: Last meter reading date.
  5. SERVICE TO: Most recent meter reading date.
  6. DAYS USED: Number of days in the billing cycle.
  7. DUE DATE: Date current charges are due.
  8. PREVIOUS READING: Amount of gallons at previous meter reading.
  9. PRESENT READING: Gallons at present meter reading.
  10. UNITS USED: Number of gallons used.
  11. AMOUNT: Bill amount.
  12. AFTER DUE DATE: Amount due if not paid by due date.
  13. BY DUE DATE: Amount due if paid by due date.
  14. Return this portion of the bill with your payment.
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