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Coyote Springs Agendas & Minutes

In accordance with Nevada Revised Statutes, meeting agendas and minutes are posted on the following schedule, barring any server problems:

  • Meeting agendas are posted online by 9 a.m. three business days prior to the scheduled meeting (NRS 241.020).
  • Meeting minutes typically are posted after approval by the Board, which usually occurs at the board meeting following the date minutes were recorded.


Date Agenda Supporting Materials Minutes Audio
05/21/2007 Agenda   Minutes  
08/21/2007 Agenda   Minutes  
10/16/2007 Agenda   Minutes  
05/19/2008 Agenda   Minutes  
05/18/2009 Agenda   Minutes  
05/17/2010 Agenda   Minutes  
02/01/2011 Agenda   Minutes  
04/27/2011 Agenda   Minutes  
05/16/2011 Agenda   Minutes  
Budget Workshop
Agenda Supporting Materials Pending