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Aerial view of Jean (June 2010.) Photo by Bobak Ha'Eri.

Jean Water System

The Jean Water System—which supplies water to the Jean community—is owned, operated, and maintained by the Las Vegas Valley Water District.

The Las Vegas Valley Water District Board of Directors governs the Jean Water System and has jurisdiction over all of its affairs. The board has sole responsibility for establishing rates, rules and regulations for the sale and distribution of water to properties within the district.

Source water

The Jean Water System service area is supplied by three wells in the Ivanpah Valley. The groundwater comes from the Ivanpah Valley aquifer, which is recharged from the southern end of the Spring Mountains and the New York Mountains.

Water conservation plan

Groundwater is the sole natural resource used to meet water demands in Jean. As explained in the Jean Water Conservation Plan, water resources are managed and extended through conservation, prudent land use practices and a sustainable development approach.

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