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Searchlight rates, fees and service rules

Searchlight water rates
Meter size (inches) Daily service charge Rate per 1,000 gallons
5/8" to 2"
$0.6329 flat fee for usage up to 10,000 gallons per month $2.60
Larger than 2"
$1.0606 flat fee for usage up to 10,000 gallons per month $3.64
Mobile Home Communities $0.6329 flat fee per number of spaces for usage up to 10,000 gallons per month $3.64
Searchlight water service fees
Service-related charges Fee amount
Bank-returned check/Insufficient funds charge $15
Turn-on fee for water service activation $50
Turn-off fee for water service deactivation $50
Additional fee for same-day water turn-on or shutoff $120
Additional fee for after-hours water turn-on or shutoff $180 (provided the Water District can respond to the request)
Delinquent processing charge $20 for service processed for shutoff (for non-payment of bills, arrangements, deposits, etc.)
Minimum deposit for residential service The greater of either $150 or 2.5 times the highest monthly bill during a 12-month period. Deposit is due when you request service. Call Customer Services at 702-870-4194 for amount.
Minimum deposit for commercial service Computed based on account usage history and meter size. Deposit is due when service is requested. Call Customer Care at 702-870-4194 for amount.
Late fees Bills become past due after the due date shown. Balances remaining after the due date are subject to a 4 percent late charge.
Connection charges/application fees See Searchlight Service Rules (Section 7 and Section 8) for more information about other fees.

If you have questions, call Customer Services at 702-870-4194 during regular business hours. Or, contact us via email.

Service rules

The Searchlight Service Rules make up the service contract between the Las Vegas Valley Water District and its customers, outlining the rights and responsibilities of both. These service rules were adopted Sept. 2, 2008.