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Las Vegas Valley Water District

Blue Diamond Source Water Assessment

The Safe Drinking Water Act was amended in 1996 to require states to develop and implement source water assessment programs for potential threats to the quality of public drinking water, and to include a summary of that assessment in the water system's annual consumer confidence report. Specifically, states are required to delineate the sources of public drinking water, identify potential contamination sources within the delineated area, assess the water system's susceptibility to contamination and inform the public of the results. These results are summarized below:

The water supplied by the Blue Diamond Water System comes from two wells that are recharged from precipitation and snowmelt runoff in the Wilson Cliff/Red Rock Canyon and Mount Potosi area. Potential contaminants are few because the watershed is within the Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area.

The wells supplying water to the Blue Diamond service area were assessed for potential vulnerability to volatile organic (VOC), synthetic organic (SOC), inorganic (IOC), radiological and microbiological contaminants, and are considered to have low vulnerability to all of these contaminants. The drinking water supplied to this system meets or surpasses all state and federal drinking-water standards.

Detailed information pertaining to the findings of the source water assessment is available for viewing in person weekdays, by appointment, at the Las Vegas Valley Water District, 1001 S. Valley View Blvd. Please call (702) 258-3215 for an appointment. Additional information about the Nevada Source Water Assessment Program may be found at


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