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Drip irrigation surrounded by purple flowers

Drip irrigation tips

Water less often

Running drip irrigation too many days a week is the biggest mistake most homeowners make. Plants don’t need water as often as grass! We recommend the following frequency:

Winter: Water up to once a week or every other week

Summer: Water up to 3 days a week (every other day)

Spring/Fall: Water up to 2 days a week

Remember to avoid Sunday watering and comply with seasonal watering restrictions—or face a water waste fine.

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How to water plants with drip irrigation

Drip irrigation is the perfect match for your plants, but running drip too many days a week is the biggest mistake most homeowners make. Drip waters plants long and slow in gallons per hour (gph) and puts water right at the root zone, which means you can water less often.

How long to water

The length of each watering depends on whether you have high-flow or low-flow drip emitters.


yellow high-flow drip emitter

5 - 20 gallons per hour

  • Emitter streams like a water fountain
  • Enjoys "long-ish" waterings.
  • Run 1 cycle, 20 - 40 minutes


blue low-flow drip emitter

Up to 4 gallons per hour

  • Emitter drips slowly
  • Likes LONG, SLOW waterings.
  • Run 1 cycle, 30 - 90 minutes

If plants look stressed

Adjust run times if your plants appear stressed.

First, check the soil moisture. Wet soil means your plants may be over-watered. Water less often or for less time.

If the soil is dry, check that all emitters are working properly. If they are, increase the watering time or add emitters only near the stressed plants.