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Service fees and charges

The table below explains each type of Las Vegas Valley Water District service charge and associated fee.

Description Fee amount
Bank-returned check/Insufficient funds charge $15
Turn-on fee for water service activation $10
Additional fee for same-day water turn-on or shutoff $15
Additional fee for after-hours water turn-on or shutoff $70 (provided the Water District can respond to the request)
Delinquent processing charge $20 for service processed for shutoff
Minimum deposit for residential service $150 or 2.5 times the highest monthly bill, whichever is greater, during a 12-month period. Deposit is due when you request service. Call Customer Care at 702-870-4194 for amount.
Minimum deposit for commercial service Computed based on account usage history and meter size. Deposit is due when service is requested. Call Customer Care at 702-870-4194 for amount.
Late fee Bills become past due after the due date shown. Balances remaining after the due date are subject to a 4 percent late charge.
Connection charges/application fees See the Las Vegas Valley Water District Service Rules (Appendix I).
Water Rates See water rates and usage thresholds.
Service charge All customers are billed a service charge based on the size of the service meter. This charge pays for the direct costs of meter reading, meter maintenance and billing services.

Call Customer Care at 702-870-4194 during regular business hours if you have questions. Or, contact us online.