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Desert-friendly landscape with cacti.

Rebates and coupons

Let the Southern Nevada Water Authority help you save water. The Water Authority offers a range of free services and rebate programs to help homeowners and businesses become water smart.

Water Smart Landscapes Rebate

Upgrade existing grass to water-smart landscaping and receive $5 per square foot of grass converted to xeriscape up to the first 10,000 square feet. For homeowners only. Project must be completed in 2024. A portion of these funds are from state and federal grants.

Earn even more cash! The SNWA Tree Enhancement Program pays new participants a bonus of $100 for every new tree installed (up to 100 percent canopy coverage).

Apply for the Water Smart Landscapes Rebate online at or get a printed application by calling the Conservation Help Line at 702-258-SAVE.

Before you get started, the Water Authority will answer your questions and review the lawn areas you are converting. You must participate in a pre-conversion site visit before removing your lawn.

Visit for helpful resources, including:

One change can make an immediate impact on your monthly water use: a water-efficient landscape that replaces water-thirsty turf. You'll reduce water use by up to 75 percent, plus you could receive $5 per square foot of grass converted to xeriscape.

Smart irrigation clocks

Purchase a smart irrigation controller that automatically adjusts watering schedules based upon weather conditions and estimated plant demand. Get a coupon for a smart controller through the Water Authority.

Water Smart car wash

Save water and money through the Water Authority's Water Smart Car Wash program. Get money-saving coupons and find a car wash near you. Commercial facilities use less water than the average homeowner, and the facilities often recycle the water. Keep your car clean the water-smart way.

Smart leak detector

Prevent or mitigate water damage at your home by using a leak detector that sends information to an application on your smartphone. The Southern Nevada Water Authority offers a smart leak detector rebate of 50 percent off the purchase price or $200, whichever is less.