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Winter watering restrictions in effect

Grassier ain't classier. If the only time you're on your grass is to mow it, then get rid of it.

Take advantage of the Southern Nevada Water Authority's Water Smart Landscape rebate and convert useless grass to desert-friendly landscaping.

Don't be exposed! Cover your pool for the winter with a rebate

An exposed pool loses thousands of gallons of water per year to evaporation. Pool covers reduce evaporation by up to 90 percent, limit windblown debris, and conserve energy.

The Southern Nevada Water Authority offers a pool cover coupon.

Winter watering restrictions in effect

Follow the seasonal watering schedule. Water only on your one assigned watering day and never water on Sundays. A friendly reminder, Ryan Reaves style.

Winter watering restrictions are in effect through Feb. 29.

Protect your pipes

Don't let a cold snap bust your pipes, and your wallet.

Las Vegas may not get as cold as other parts of the country, but we do experience occasional cold snaps, and it's important to protect your irrigation.

Watch the video for precautionary steps. Get more outdoor tips.

How to identify our employees

Occasionally, customers tell us that someone has asked to enter their home, often to "test the water." If this happens to you, be alert: this is not a Water District employee.

Our employees drive official vehicles, wear photo ID badges and will never ask to enter your home to collect a water sample from your tap or collect a payment.

About your bill

Your bill may reflect previously approved increases, effective Jan. 1, to tiered rates and the service charge.

The new rates support the Water District's effort to maintain, upgrade and expand the community's drinking water system. The Water District is investing more than $600 million to ensure that our water delivery network remains among the nation's most reliable.

About our Board of Directors

The LVVWD Board of Directors meets on the first Tuesday of every month, excluding special meetings. Meetings are broadcast on the home page.

Springs Preserve green logo

The Springs Preserve is the premier place in Las Vegas to explore the valley's vibrant history through interactive science and nature exhibits, botanical garden, hiking, trails and live animal shows.

Featured attractions, events, and programs:

 Clint Carvalho & His Extreme Parrots
They're smart, they're extreme, they'll make the whole crowd scream! Back by popular demand.

 Garden classes
Classes help plant enthusiasts adapt to the challenges of desert gardening and enjoy the rewards of dynamic designs.

Visit the only place in Southern Nevada with a behind-the-scenes look at the journey water takes to reach your tap.