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Water one day a week. It's the law!

Running your landscape irrigation system outside your assigned days is water waste.

As mandatory winter watering restrictions continue through February, our water waste investigator explains how customers can receive fines starting at $80 for wasting water.

Report water waste

Conservation and water efficiency are critical to meeting Las Vegas’ current and future water needs. Report water waste when you see it by filling out a water waste report form.

Report Water Waste

Preparing for possible shortage

With Colorado River water levels at their lowest in recorded history, our community is being asked to conserve more than ever. Water District General Manager John Entsminger explains why conservation is key to protecting our city's water supply.

Investing in our most valuable resource

Over the next decade, we are upgrading and expanding our community’s drinking water system to ensure it is eight times more reliable than the national average. So you’ll continue to enjoy reliable water service, now and into the future.

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About our Board of Directors

The LVVWD Board of Directors meets on the first Tuesday of every month, excluding special meetings. Meetings are broadcast on the home page.

Springs Preserve green logo

The Springs Preserve is the premier place in Las Vegas to explore the valley's vibrant history through interactive science and nature exhibits, botanical garden, hiking, trails and live animal shows.

Featured attractions, events, and programs:

 National Geographic presents Earth Explorers
Take a journey to the wildest places in the world.

 Spring Plant Sale
Native and desert-adapted plant varieties will be available for purchase.

 Spring Break Camp
Features hands-on projects and learning with naturalists and garden gurus.