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Building Permit Review Portal

Welcome to the Las Vegas Valley Water District's online portal for submitting building permit requests for Water District approval.

This process replaces the PDF/email process and makes it easier to submit and track building permit review applications. Users may submit their requests online and can view the current status of their approvals at any time.

Please note: This portal applies only to new applications. Applications submitted via PDF/email before March 9, 2021 will continue in that process.

Request a building permit

Submit a new request for a building permit.

Building Permit New Request

Check status

Check the status of your submitted building permit request.

Building Permit Status Check

Request an estimate

Request an estimate for a single family install.

Single Family Install Estimate Request

Responsibilities of contractors and developers regarding water theft

Contractors and developers are responsible for ensuring their employees, agents and subcontractors comply with the District's rules prohibiting water theft and requiring the use of approved metering and backflow devices to access water for construction activities.

In the event of water theft by a company's employees, agents or subcontractors, the District may issue violation notices, fee assessments, and estimated charges for stolen water and damage to contractors and developers. Service to developers and contractors may be terminated for nonpayment.

Learn more about water theft prevention.

Frequently asked questions

What are the review time frames?

LVVWD's current review time frame is 6-8 business days. Our office operates Monday-Thursday and is closed for business Friday-Sunday.

Why am I being required to submit my building permit to LVVWD for approval?

All building permits where it is being proposed to add square footage to an existing building, add or remove water fixtures, make changes to a fire system, or any new building being built located in LVVWD jurisdiction will be required to submit their permits for review and approval.

How can I obtain a final water release on my permit?

In order to obtain a final water release, all service conditions must be acceptable in the field. Please contact the LVVWD Inspections Department at 702-258-7171. If you get a voicemail box, please leave a detailed message stating you name, contact information, building permit number and reason for your call.

Does LVVWD provide expedited review?

LVVWD does not currently offer any expedited reviews. All building permits are processed on a first- come, first-served basis and there are no applicant fees associated with this review.

How do I submit my building permit to LVVWD for approval?

To properly submit your building permit for review, please reference our handouts titled Building Permit Sign-off for Non-Residential Construction or Building Permit Sign-off for Residential Construction. Please upload all applicable documents listed in the handout to our portal and allow 6 to 8 business days for our review.

What do I need prior to submitting a building permit request?

Before submitting your permit to LVVWD, please ensure that the applicable Zoning, Civil and Architectural sections of the building permit are in “approval” status with the City of Las Vegas or Clark County Building Department. We cannot complete our review until your request has reached the approval stage. Gathering all applicable documents listed in the Commercial and Residential handouts will ensure a quicker review after submittal.

How can I obtain a Single-Family Service Estimate if I do not have any plumbing plans to provide?

In order to obtain a cost estimate when no plans have been generated, please fill out our Residential Meter Sizing Worksheet with the number of fixtures the architectural plans would reflect and upload to the Plumbing Plan section of the portal.

How do I pick up my building permit after LVVWD has granted Prior to Permit Issuance approval?

Upon completion of our review, LVVWD will grant approval in the Building Department System. At this point you can continue your permitting process with the building department.

How do I provide Plumbing and a site plan if I only have an external sharing link (i.e., dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive)?

LVVWD does not accept any external sharing links due to security reasons. Separate PDF files will have to be generated and uploaded to our portal for both Plumbing Plans and Site Plans.

When do I need a Fire Sprinkler Demand Letter?

A Fire Sprinkler Demand Letter is required any time the Building Department is requiring fire sprinklers to be installed on both Residential and Commercial projects. On a Tenant improvement, a Demand Letter will also have to be provided any time the existing system is being modified creating a change in demand required to serve the proposed sprinkler system.

How can I contact you?

If you have any additional questions, please email us, or call us during our normal business hours at 702-822-8518.