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Design detail standards

Design detail standards are available individually in PDF or drawing (DWG) files, or the entire category set can be downloaded in ZIP format.

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Results for category: "Reservoirs"

Description Name PDF DWG Revision date
Subgrade Preparation RC01-1 RC01-1_Subgrade Preparation_07-08-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-08-03
Construction Sign RC02-1 RC02-1_Construction Sign_04-22-05.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 04-22-05
Roof Loading Sign RC03-2 RC03-2_Roof Loading Sign_04-20-07.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 04-20-07
No Trespassing Sign RC04-1 RC04-1_No Trespassing Sign_12-04-06.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 12-04-06
Concrete Cut-Off Wall RC05-1 RC05-1_Concrete Cut-Off Wall_07-08-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-08-03
Multiple Pipe Encasement RC06-1 RC06-1_Multiple Pipe Encasement_07-08-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-08-03
Single Pipe Encasement RC06-2 RC06-2_Single Pipe Encasement_07-08-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-08-03
Wall Underdrain Outlet RC07-1 RC07-1_Wall Underdrain Outlet_07-08-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-08-03
Wall Underdrain RC08-1 RC08-1_Wall Underdrain_09-01-09.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 09-01-09
Floor Underdrain RC09-1 RC09-1_Floor Underdrain_09-01-09.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 09-01-09
Sample Pump RM01-1 RM01-1_Sample Pump_08-31-09.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 08-31-09
Floor Restraint RM01-2 RM01-2_Floor Restraint_07-08-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-08-03
Anode RM02-1 RM02-1_Anode_07-08-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-08-03
Washdown Riser RM03-1 RM03-1_Washdown Riser_07-08-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-08-03
Pipe Clamp RM03-2 RM03-2_Pipe Clamp_07-08-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-08-03
Expansion Joint RM03-3 RM03-3_Expansion Joint_07-08-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-08-03
Standard Clamp Spacing RM03-4 RM03-4_Standard Clamp Spacing_07-08-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-08-03
Typical Corner RM03-5 RM03-5_Typical Corner_07-08-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-08-03
Ring Flange RM04-1 RM04-1_Ring Flange_07-08-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-08-03
Staff Gauge RM05-1 RM05-1_Staff Gauge_07-20-06.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-20-06
Column Row Identification RM05-2 RM05-2_Column Row Identification_08-28-08.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 08-28-08
Number and Gauge Marker RM05-3 RM05-3_Number and Gauge Marker_07-08-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-08-03
Valve Vault Ventilation Piping RM06-1 RM06-1_Valve Vault Ventilation Piping_07-08-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-08-03
Reservoir - Valve Stem Extension Detail RM07-1 RM07-1_Reservoir - Valve Stem Extension Detail_08-03-06.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 08-03-06
6-Inch Centerbulb Waterstop RS01-1 RS01-1_6-Inch Centerbulb Waterstop_07-08-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-08-03
6-Inch Flat Strip Waterstop RS02-1 RS02-1_6-Inch Flat Strip Waterstop_07-08-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-08-03
Controlled Crack at Valleys RS03-1 RS03-1_Controlled Crack at Valleys_07-08-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-08-03
Crack Repair RS04-1 RS04-1_Crack Repair_07-08-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-08-03
Floor Slab Construction Joint RS05-1 RS05-1_Floor Slab Construction Joint_07-08-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-08-03
Vertical Wall Construction Joint RS06-1 RS06-1_Vertical Wall Construction Joint_07-08-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-08-03
Roof Slab Construction Joint RS07-1 RS07-1_Roof Slab Construction Joint_07-08-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-08-03
Form Bevel RS08-1 RS08-1_Form Bevel_07-08-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-08-03
Wall-Formed Sealant Groove RS09-1 RS09-1_Wall-Formed Sealant Groove_07-08-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-08-03
Floor Slab-Formed Sealant Groove RS10-1 RS10-1_Floor Slab-Formed Sealant Groove_07-08-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-08-03
Sealant Fillet RS11-1 RS11-1_Sealant Fillet_07-08-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-08-03
Reservoir Floor Plan RS12-1 RS12-1_Reservoir Floor Plan_07-13-06.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-13-06
Roof Plan RS12-2 RS12-2_Roof Plan_07-13-06.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-13-06
Reservoir Survey Monument RS12-3 RS12-3_Reservoir Survey Monument_12-27-11.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 12-27-11
Roof Thimble RS12-4 RS12-4_Roof Thimble_06-19-08.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 06-19-08
Section RS12-4A RS12-4A_Section_06-19-08.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 06-19-08
Sampling Port Detail RS12-5A RS12-5A_Sampling Port Detail_06-08-05.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 06-08-05
Sample Port Lid Detail RS12-5B RS12-5B_Sample Port Lid Detail_02-24-09.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 02-24-09
Sampling Port Isometric View RS12-5C RS12-5C_Sampling Port Isometric View_05-27-05.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 05-27-05
Sample Port Cylinder RS12-5D RS12-5D_Sample Port Cylinder_02-24-09.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 02-24-09
Sample Port Lid RS12-5E RS12-5E_Sample Port Lid_02-24-09.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 02-24-09
Internal Hinge Assembly In Close Position RS12-5F RS12-5F_Internal Hinge Assembly In Close Position_04-21-05.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 04-21-05
Reservoir Vent RS12-6 RS12-6_Reservoir Vent_09-08-08.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 09-08-08
Detail - Backing Plate Installation RS12-6A RS12-6A_Detail - Backing Plate Installation_02-14-06.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 02-14-06
Detail-Vent Opening RS12-6B RS12-6B_Detail-Vent Opening_09-08-08.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 09-08-08
Detail - Backing Plate RS12-6C RS12-6C_Detail - Backing Plate_02-14-06.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 02-14-06
Detail - Security Screen RS12-6D RS12-6D_Detail - Security Screen_02-14-06.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 02-14-06
Typical Section - 20 MG Reservoir - Two Basin RS12-A RS12-A_Typical Section - 20 MG Reservoir - Two Basin_07-18-06.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-18-06
Typical Section - 10 MG Reservoir - Single Basin RS12-B RS12-B_Typical Section - 10 MG Reservoir - Single Basin_07-18-06.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-18-06
Roof Slab Reinforcement RS12-C RS12-C_Roof Slab Reinforcement_07-18-06.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-18-06
Reservoir Wall Flange for MLCP RS13-1 RS13-1_Reservoir Wall Flange for MLCP_08-03-06.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 08-03-06
Pipe Penetration RS15-1 RS15-1_Pipe Penetration_07-08-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-08-03
Reservoir Vent Roof Reinforcement RS16-1 RS16-1_Reservoir Vent Roof Reinforcement_05-25-04.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 05-25-04
Reservoir Access Hatch RS17-1 RS17-1_Reservoir Access Hatch_06-19-08.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 06-19-08
Reservoir Access Hatch RS17-1A RS17-1A_Reservoir Access Hatch_06-18-08.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 06-18-08
Section RS17-1B RS17-1B_Section_06-18-08.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 06-18-08
Isometric View RS17-1C RS17-1C_Isometric View_06-18-08.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 06-18-08
Aluminum Cover RS17-2 RS17-2_Aluminum Cover_06-18-08.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 06-18-08
Aluminum Handle RS17-2A RS17-2A_Aluminum Handle_06-18-08.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 06-18-08

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