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Design detail standards

Design detail standards are available individually in PDF or drawing (DWG) files, or the entire category set can be downloaded in ZIP format.

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Results for category: "Wells"

Description Name PDF DWG Revision date
Example Miscellaneous Details WE19 WE19_Example Miscellaneous Details_01-19-00.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 01-19-00
Example Drainage Discharge Plan and Profile WE18 WE18_Example Drainage Discharge Plan and Profile_01-19-00.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 01-19-00
Example Piping Plan and Profile WE17 WE17_Example Piping Plan and Profile_01-19-00.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 01-19-00
Example Site Plan WE16 WE16_Example Site Plan_01-19-00.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 01-19-00
Typical CMU Wall Opening WE15 WE15_Typical CMU Wall Opening_07-09-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-09-03
CMU Wall Section WE15-B WE15-B_CMU Wall Section_07-09-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-09-03
CMU Wall Section WE15-A WE15-A_CMU Wall Section_07-09-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-09-03
Door Jamb and Head WE14 WE14_Door Jamb and Head_07-09-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-09-03
Notice Signs WE13 WE13_Notice Signs_07-09-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-09-03
Typical Corner Reinforcing WE12 WE12_Typical Corner Reinforcing_07-09-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-09-03
Floor Drain WE11 WE11_Floor Drain_07-09-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-09-03
Concrete Slab Expansion Joint WE10 WE10_Concrete Slab Expansion Joint_07-09-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-09-03
Weakened Plane Joint WE09 WE09_Weakened Plane Joint_07-09-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-09-03
Extension Arm Configuration at Step in Wall WE08 WE08_Extension Arm Configuration at Step in Wall_07-09-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-09-03
Barbed Wire Detail WE07 WE07_Barbed Wire Detail_07-09-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-09-03
Slide Gate Detail WE06-5 WE06-5_Slide Gate Detail_11-03-09.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 11-03-09
Tube Steel Fence Notes WE06-4 WE06-4_Tube Steel Fence Notes_11-03-09.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 11-03-09
Down Rod Detail WE06-3 WE06-3_Down Rod Detail_11-03-09.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 11-03-09
Down Rod Assembly WE06-2 WE06-2_Down Rod Assembly_11-03-09.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 11-03-09
Swing Gate Detail WE06-1 WE06-1_Swing Gate Detail_12-21-09.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 12-21-09
Typical Footing at Step WE05-3 WE05-3_Typical Footing at Step_05-07-04.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 05-07-04
Block Wall Expansion Joint WE05-2 WE05-2_Block Wall Expansion Joint_07-18-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-18-03
Block Wall WE05-1 WE05-1_Block Wall_05-07-04.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 05-07-04
Roof Vent Flashing Detail WE04-B WE04-B_Roof Vent Flashing Detail_07-09-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-09-03
Section WE04-A WE04-A_Section_07-09-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-09-03
Control and Disinfection Building - Roof Plan WE04-1 WE04-1_Control and Disinfection Building - Roof Plan_07-09-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-09-03
Section WE03-C WE03-C_Section_07-09-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-09-03
Section WE03-B WE03-B_Section_07-09-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-09-03
Section WE03-A WE03-A_Section_07-09-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-09-03
Items Description WE03-2 WE03-2_Items Description_01-24-01.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 01-24-01
Chlorine Solution Piping Plan WE03-1 WE03-1_Chlorine Solution Piping Plan_07-09-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-09-03
Elevation WE02-E WE02-E_Elevation_07-09-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-09-03
Elevation WE02-D WE02-D_Elevation_07-09-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-09-03
Elevation WE02-C WE02-C_Elevation_07-09-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-09-03
Section WE02-B WE02-B_Section_07-09-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-09-03
Section WE02-A WE02-A_Section_07-09-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-09-03
Items Description WE02-2 WE02-2_Items Description_01-24-01.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 01-24-01
Control Building - Floor Plan WE02-1 WE02-1_Control Building - Floor Plan_07-09-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-09-03
Section WE01-F WE01-F_Section_07-09-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-09-03
Elevation WE01-E WE01-E_Elevation_07-09-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-09-03
Section WE01-D WE01-D_Section_07-09-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-09-03
Section WE01-C WE01-C_Section_07-09-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-09-03
Elevation WE01-B WE01-B_Elevation_07-09-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-09-03
Elevation WE01-A WE01-A_Elevation_07-09-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-09-03
Items Description WE01-4 WE01-4_Items Description_01-24-01.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 01-24-01
Disinfection Building - Floor Plan WE01-3 WE01-3_Disinfection Building - Floor Plan_07-08-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-08-03
Post Insert in Concrete Detail WE01-2 WE01-2_Post Insert in Concrete Detail_07-08-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-08-03
Handrail and Stair Detail WE01-1 WE01-1_Handrail and Stair Detail_07-08-03.pdf (PDF) Download DWG 07-08-03

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