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Global Positioning System at Mt. Potassi base station

Survey and right of way management

Global positioning system

The Water District's global positioning system (GPS) base station network helps engineers and developers design water systems.

The District's GPS base station network comprises 19 sites, 8 of which are National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/National Geodetic Survey Continuously Operating Reference Station sites.

View the maps below for approximate locations of the Water District's base station network:

Through cooperative agreements, several other agencies' sites are included in the District's network, including the Nevada Department of Transportation; City of Las Vegas; Clark County Water Reclamation District; and Lincoln County, Nevada.

Static GPS position information

The Water District stores static GPS files for its base station network sites.

This information is available at a 5-second epoch rate, stored as 1-hour files in a zipped Receiver Information Network Exchange data format, beginning and ending at 0:00 and 24:00 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) respectively.

The 24-hour roll-over is at GMT and is compatible with Pacific Daylight Saving Time (PDT) or Pacific Standard Time (PST) by subtracting 7 or 8 hours respectively. This equates to local roll-over at 4 p.m. PST or 5 p.m. PDT.

The standard for this file type is: (, where xxxx = site name, yyy = julian day and 0 = 24-hour file name.

Real-time kinematic (RTK) data link

The current Water District radio transmission frequencies are as follows:

NVCA 465.300 mhz NVWS 464.550 mhz
NVBM 465.375 mhz NVCO 469.500 mhz
NVTR 460.375 mhz NVLA 460.300 mhz
NVLM 465.100 mhz NVSV 460.350 mhz
NVSL 460.100 mhz NVRM 464.500 mhz

The Water District currently provides an RTK data link at the frequencies listed above.

The code format is "RTCM 3.x." The over-the-air measurement record is analog, using PacCrest ADL Advantage radios, modulated to Transparent FTS radio encryption. The current protocol settings are: 8-bit coding, none parity and one stop bit (8-none-1) running at 9600 bits-per-second baud rate.

The Water District also provides an RTK data link via the Internet at IP address For GPS users using NTRIP or TCP/IP connections, the Water District provides the following real-time products:

RT Product Name Solution
RTCM 18 & 19 (v 2.x) Single baseline
Leica (Leica proprietary) Single baseline
CMR (Trimble proprietary) Single baseline
Automax Network (Leica)
IMax Network (RTCM 3.xx)

The above products are available using NTRIP caster, at connection port 9899, with the NTRIP mount point named the same as the site name, i.e. NVBM single baseline at NTRIP mount point nvbm.

Note: To obtain access via the Internet using NTRIP, prospective users must contact the District Surveyor at 702-258-7163 to establish an account with a unique user name and password.

GPS Data Share

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