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How to identify our employees

Occasionally, customers tell us that someone has asked to enter their home to "test the water" or check a water pipe or meter.

If this happens to you, be alert: this is not a Water District employee.

While these visitors may give the impression that they represent the Water District, they do not. Some may be salespeople from private companies. Others may be attempting to gain unauthorized access to your home.

Don’t fall for a scam

Knowing the difference between a scam or a sales pitch and a visit from the Water District—an authorized municipal water provider—could prevent you from becoming a victim of false representation. Here's how to tell a District employee from an impostor:

  • Our employees drive official vehicles clearly marked with our blue-and-yellow logo.
  • They will always wear a photo ID badge with our logo in plain view. (You might see them in bright green, orange, blue or white shirts.)
  • They won't ask to enter your home.
  • They also will never request or collect payment at your home.
  • Our crews work 24 hours a day to maintain our water systems so you could see a crew in your neighborhood at night, but they will be accompanied by vehicles displaying the Water District logo.

Concerned? Call us!

If you're concerned about someone who has approached or called your home regarding your water service, call 702-870-4194.