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Jean water quality

The Las Vegas Valley Water District is committed to providing a high-quality, reliable supply of drinking water to Jean water customers through the use of diligent testing and treatment. In fact, Jean’s drinking water meets or exceeds all federal Safe Drinking Water Act standards.

Water quality reports

The Water District produces an annual water quality report for Jean water customers. While the Water District tests for more than 100 substances, only those detected in Jean's drinking water are listed in the report.

Water analysis and source water assessments

To view a more detailed water analysis or the Safe Drinking Water Act source water assessment for Jean, use the links below. Data reported in 2017 was collected in 2016.

Water treatment

Because Jean's water supply is protected within the principal groundwater aquifer, it doesn't require the level of treatment associated with surface water sources, like the Las Vegas Valley's water supply from the Colorado River.

Once pumped from the principal aquifer, the water is disinfected with sodium hypochlorite to kill any potentially harmful microscopic organisms. Zinc orthophosphate is added for corrosion control as water travels through the distribution system.

Water testing

Every month, Water District scientists collect and analyze water samples from Jean's water supply to ensure it meets all Safe Drinking Water Act standards. The Water District tests even more frequently than the Safe Drinking Water Act requires. For details about substances detected in the water supply, see the Jean Water Quality Report.

Monitoring waivers

The Jean Water System currently has monitoring waivers for certain chemical contaminants regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

A monitoring waiver means the Water District does not have to test the water for these contaminants at the frequency required by the EPA. In order to receive a waiver, the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection conducted a vulnerability assessment.

The assessment established that the water system is unlikely to be contaminated by these chemicals based on a study of:

  • The geology of the area
  • Past and current land uses (such as mining), and
  • The existence of potential sources of contamination

For details about the specific chemicals for which there are monitoring waivers, please call the Water District at 702-258-3215 or contact us via email.

For additional information, call the EPA Safe Drinking Water Hotline at 1-800-426-4791 or visit the EPA website which offers information about national efforts to protect groundwater sources.