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Citizen advisory committees

On occasion, the Water District forms citizen advisory committees to address special issues and topics such as water rates and conservation.

Rates and Service Rules Citizen Advisory Committee

A Rates and Service Rules Citizen Advisory Committee was convened in 2016 to evaluate future initiatives related to Water District funding, planning, Service Rules, conservation and facilities construction and maintenance.

The committee developed a recommendations report for presentation to the LVVWD Board of Directors, and the Board approved those recommendations on Jan. 3, 2017.

The committee's recommendations included a small increase to service charges and rates, adding about 75 cents to the typical residential monthly water bill beginning in February 2017, with a similar increase in 2018 and small adjustments in years thereafter. The increase is being used to fund the district's ongoing maintenance, repair and upgrade of the community's water delivery system.

The committee studied how to fund the replacement and upgrades of aging water system components, some of which are more than half a century old, as well as the necessary expansion of our water delivery network to support the Las Vegas community. Research has shown that proactively replacing aging parts of the water system is far less expensive and disruptive than making emergency repairs.

The committee also reviewed and recommended updates to the Water District's Service Rules to reflect the current business environment. These recommendations included implementing a $10 water service turn-on fee, and increasing facility connection charges for developers.

Changes to water rates and service rules become effective in February 2017.

The nine local citizens appointed to the committee by the LVVWD Board represented diverse groups of regional stakeholders.

Committee members
Name Representing
Ken Evans Urban Chamber of Commerce
Jennifer Lewis Development
Paul Moradkhan Business
Terry Murphy Ratepayers
Phil Ralston Industrial/Commercial Business
John Restrepo Financial/Economist
Virginia Valentine Hospitality/Gaming
Howard Watts III Environmental
Nancy Wong Ratepayers