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Water waste investigators posing by a car.

Water waste

Protect our water supply by reporting waste. 

Water waste is a violation of the District's Service Rules. Report waste online by using the link below or by calling 702-822-8571.

Report Water Waste

Water waste investigators need to observe waste in progress in order to take action. Some reports cannot be completed due to lack of information or poor photo quality. To ensure issues get fixed promptly, keep these tips in mind when reporting water waste.

  • ☑️ Be very specific about the time, date, and location of waste.
  • ☑️ Take multiple photos showing different angles and perspectives.
  • ☑️ If the issue is runoff, make sure to show the property it’s running off of.
  • ☑️ Show water waste actively happening, if possible.
  • ☑️ On larger properties, avoid close-ups so location can be determined.
  • ☑️ Make sure what you are seeing qualifies as water waste.

What is water waste?

Some violations that may result in a water waste fee include:

How is waste investigated?

When water waste is found or reported, the Water District investigates, determines if there is a violation and, if so, issues a violation notice. Customers often don't realize there is a problem and correct it once it's pointed out.

If the violation continues, the Water District may assess a water waste fee on the customer's water bill.

Are there exemptions?

The following watering activities are exempt from water waste restrictions, as noted.

Drip irrigation
Drip irrigation and bubbler systems may run any day of the week. However, watering cannot exceed the maximum watering frequency according to mandatory watering restrictions.

Hand watering
Hand watering is allowed any day and/or time, if water does not spray or flow off the property.

Irrigation system testing
Supervised testing of irrigation systems is allowed if someone is physically present during the testing.

Nursery stock irrigation
Irrigation of vegetation intended for sale at a licensed commercial nursery is allowed. Water may not flow or spray off the property.

Overseeding-reseeding and new turf planting
You may water a new landscape or reseeded landscape daily for up to 14 days after the initial planting. This exemption is allowed once per calendar year. The customer must contact the Water District at 702-822-8571 prior to the change in irrigation schedule. Local turf limitations restrict the amount of grass that can be planted.

Public health and welfare
Water used to abate a health or safety hazard is allowed.

Residential car washing
Washing personal vehicles is allowed if you use a leak-free hose with positive shut-off nozzle.

Water-budgeted facilities
A facility that is assigned a water budget by the District, in accordance with Chapter 2 of the Service Rules, is exempt from time of day, assigned day and watering frequency restrictions.

What are the fees?

Water waste fees vary depending on meter size, the account's history of violations and the drought stage. Fees range from $80 for a first violation up to more than $5,000 for repeat violations.

Fees & Policies

Frequently asked questions

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Water Waste FAQs

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