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Frequent questions about water waste

General questions about water waste

Water waste is defined by the service rules. See Types of water waste violations below for more information.

Yes. View a full list of water waste exemptions, including hand watering, irrigation system testing, and more.

If you do find a leak and your water bill was exceptionally high, you may qualify for our Leak Adjustment Program after you fix the leak.

The Las Vegas Valley Water District is a member of the Southern Nevada Water Authority, a regional agency that offers incentive programs and tips on water conservation. Visit for details on how to conserve.

Call the Water Waste Investigation Line at 702-822-8571.

Types of water waste violations

Allowing water provided by the Water District to flow or spray off the property is a water waste violation. Adjust your sprinklers and drip irrigation system to prevent overspray and runoff. Also, consider reducing watering times to prevent water from flowing off your property.
Failure to correct a malfunctioning device or supply line, where the customer or their agent has known of the problem for more than 48 hours is a water waste violation. To avoid fines, repair broken devices as soon as you discover them or have been notified about the malfunction.
Assigned watering days are mandatory for all customers. Running your landscape irrigation system outside your assigned days is water waste and may result in a water-waste fine. Find your watering day(s).
Summer watering restrictions prohibit landscape irrigation 11 a.m.–7 p.m. from May 1 through Aug. 31. Find out how to get the most from your landscape irrigation.
Discharging swimming pool or spa water drainage off the property where discharge into a public sanitary sewer is available is prohibited. Learn more about draining your pool.
Non-compliance with Service Rules provisions relating to ornamental water features, man-made lakes, and misters is a water waste violation. Learn more.

Questions about reporting water waste

If the waste is within the Las Vegas Valley Water District's service area, customers may report water waste with the LVVWD app, report water waste online, or call 702-822-8571.

Please see for information on how to report water waste in other service areas.

Customers may report water waste by calling 702-822-8571.

Please see for information on how to report water waste in other service areas.

Yes. To report water waste on your mobile device, download the LVVWD app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Customers may add the Report Water Waste form to their home screens in the following ways:

Apple users:

  • Open the Report Water Waste form in Safari
  • Go to the Share icon at the bottom
  • Scroll down to "Add to Home Screen"

Android users:

  • Open the Report Water Waste form in Chrome
  • Go to the Settings menu in upper right corner
  • Scroll down to "Add to Home Screen"

For additional information, visit the Apple Support page or Google Chrome Help page.

If this is the first violation reported on a property within 18 months, the responsible party will receive a letter, giving them an opportunity to correct the issue before formal action is taken. If this is not the first violation, an investigation will be conducted and a fee may be assessed.

Water District investigators are required to observe water waste in progress before issuing a formal violation or fee. If the Water District determines that a violation has occurred, the customer will be given 7-14 days to correct the problem.

If the water waste continues, a fee may be assessed on the customer's bill if the waste is verified. Fees double with additional violations and are assessed consecutively based upon the previous 18-month history for the account. Investigators will continue to follow up on the issue and assess fees accordingly until corrective action is taken.

Questions about water waste violations and fines

Water waste could result in a water waste fee and/or termination of service. Water waste fees vary and are based on meter size and violation history for the preceding 18 months. See the water waste fee schedule.
Water District investigators are required to observe water waste in progress before issuing a formal violation or fee. If waste is reported or observed, a water waste investigator conducts a field investigation. The investigator captures video footage of the violation. If you receive a water waste violation, you may request a copy of this video.
Yes. If you believe you have been incorrectly assessed a fee, please contact the Water District in writing within 30 days of the date shown on your fee assessment notice. See the Appeals section of the Water Waste Fees and Policies page for more details.
The Water District is interested in working with customers to identify permanent solutions to water waste. You must request and apply for a Water Waste Abatement Arrangement by calling 702-862-3764. You must pay all fees assessed prior to the arrangement approval.
Not unless you appeal your fee and receive a decision in your favor. Otherwise, the fee must be paid with your water bill. Fees assessed for the first time can be refunded for those who successfully complete our online educational program within 60 days of the fee notice date. To enroll, call 702-862-3764 or email
A water waste investigator will conduct a follow-up investigation. If you have not corrected the water waste violation, additional fees may be assessed.