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Frequent questions about water waste

Water waste could result in a water waste fee on your bill and/or termination of service. Water waste fees vary and are based on meter size and violation history for the preceding 18 months.
A water waste investigator conducts a field investigation. The investigator captures video footage of the violation to protect your rights. You may request a copy of this video.
Yes. If you believe you have been incorrectly assessed a fee, please contact the Water District in writing within 14 days of the date shown on your fee assessment notice. See the Appeals section of the Water Waste Fees page for more details.
The Water District is interested in working with customers to identify permanent solutions to water waste. You must request and apply for a Water Waste Abatement Arrangement by calling 702-822-8571. You must pay all fees assessed prior to the arrangement approval.
Not unless you appeal your fee and receive a decision in your favor. Otherwise, the fee must be paid with your water bill. First-time fees can be rebated for those who attend a free water conservation class or successfully complete a Curbing Water Waste test. To register for a class or take the test, please call 702-822-8571.
A water waste investigator will conduct a follow-up investigation. If you have not corrected the water waste violation, additional fees may be assessed.
Hand watering with a hose is allowed any day and time. See the water waste page for a list of water waste exemptions.
The Las Vegas Valley Water District is a member of the Southern Nevada Water Authority, a regional agency that offers incentive programs and tips on water conservation. Visit for more details.
Call the Water Waste Investigation Line at 702-822-8571 during regular business hours.