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Understanding your residential bill

Sometimes you need a little help interpreting the information on your water bill.

For more detailed information about charges, rates, and other information related to your water service, view the Water District's Service Rules.

If you have questions or need more information, call Customer Care at 702-870-4194.

Are you a commercial/business customer? Learn how to understand your non-residential bill.

Pay Your Bill
Graphic of Las Vegas Valley Water District bill, with each section outlined and described on this page.

Note: Dates and information presented on this sample bill are for example purposes only and differ from those shown on an actual bill.

  1. Customer Information: Find your customer account number and billing date in this area. Also, find the date when the bill was generated and the due date when your payment must be received at our office to avoid a late charge.
  2. Watering Group: Nearly all properties have an assigned watering group; your watering group is shown next to service address and mandatory watering schedule appears on page 2 of your bill.
  3. Customer Messages: This area explains deadlines, late charges and other information regarding your account.
  4. Account Summary: This summary of activities posted to your account includes previous balance, payments received, current charges, bill corrections and adjustments and the amount now due.
  5. About Your Service: Your service address and specific information regarding your meter size, current and previous read dates, and water usage are shown here. How to read your meter.
  6. Meter Size: Most residential water meters are 5/8 to 3/4 inches. Larger properties may have a 1-to-2-inch meter to provide the appropriate capacity.
  7. Service Charge: All customers are billed this charge, based on meter size, for the direct costs of meter reading, meter maintenance and billing.
  8. Tier Billing: The four-tier rate structure applies to all residential customers and is designed to encourage conservation. The more water you use, the higher the cost of water. Learn more about water rates.
  9. Excessive Use Charge: Residential customers whose water usage exceeds an established monthly water use threshold that varies by season are charged $9 per 1,000 gallons for that excess water use, in addition to existing water rates.
  10. SNWA Commodity Charge: This is a Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) charge per 1,000 gallons of water. The funds are used to improve water quality and enhancements to the water system.
  11. SNWA Infrastructure Charge: The SNWA infrastructure charge is calculated on a daily basis and varies based on meter size. This charge helps pay for large water system projects including a critical new intake and low lake level pumping station designed to protect Southern Nevada during severe drought conditions.
  12. SNWA Reliability Surcharge: This charge is based on the premise that customers have varying levels of need for water and should pay accordingly. While everyone expects water to flow when they turn on the tap, some customers—such as businesses—have a greater need for system reliability, especially during peak usage periods. The surcharge, which is applied against the total water bill with a few line-item exceptions, is 0.25 percent for residential customers and 2.5 percent for others.
  13. Usage Chart: Review your average daily water use over a 12-month period to pinpoint usage trends.
  14. Return Payment Form: Your return payment form is at the bottom of your bill.