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Kyle Canyon Rainbow Subdivision water tank at Mount Charleston

Kyle Canyon Water District

The Kyle Canyon Water District is a publicly-owned, quasi-municipal political subdivision of Clark County. The Las Vegas Valley Water District operates and maintains the Kyle Canyon Water District, which supplies water to the Kyle Canyon community.

A Board of Trustees, composed of the Clark County commissioners, governs the Kyle Canyon Water District and has jurisdiction over its affairs. The board has sole responsibility for establishing rates, rules and regulations for the sale and distribution of water to properties within the district.

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Email us questions and comments about the Kyle Canyon Water District.

By phone
For customer service-related questions, contact 702-870-4194
For general questions, contact Jason Bailey at 702-258-3277

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Kyle Canyon Water District
c/o Las Vegas Valley Water District
1001 S. Valley View Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89153

Source water

Four wells supply water to the Kyle Canyon Water District:

  • Echo Well No. 3
  • Echo Well No. 4
  • Echo Well No. 5
  • Rainbow Well

Echo Well No. 3 is the primary drinking-water well serving the Echo View neighborhood and the Echo View Reservoir. It also supplements water needs in Rainbow, Cathedral Rock and the Old Town subdivisions.

Rainbow Well serves primarily the Rainbow View area. Rainbow Well receives supplemental water flows from the Echo wells when demand is high and it cannot replenish its supply naturally. This usually occurs in the summer.

Due to elevation differences, water from the Echo Wells and reservoir can be gravity fed to serve downhill customers. However, water from the Rainbow Well cannot be moved the nearly 200 feet uphill to the Echo View neighborhood.

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