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Searchlight, Nevada reservoir tank

Searchlight Water System

The Las Vegas Valley Water District owns, operates and maintains the Searchlight Water System.

The Searchlight Water System falls within the jurisdiction of the Las Vegas Valley Water District. The Water District Board of Directors, which is responsible for governing the district’s activities, is composed of the Clark County Commissioners and has sole responsibility for establishing rates, rules and regulations for the sale, distribution and use of water within Searchlight.

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For customer service-related questions, contact 702-870-4194.
For general questions, contact Kathy Flanagan at 702-539-3401.

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Searchlight Water System
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Source water

The Searchlight Water System service area is supplied by three wells in Piute Valley.

Well S-2 has been the primary well since 2015. Well S-1 and S-3 provide additional production when needed and backup for well maintenance or emergencies. The three wells are typically not in use at the same time.

The wells in Searchlight are recharged by precipitation and snowmelt runoff from the Lucy Gray Range, the Castle Mountains and the McCullough Mountains, as well as from groundwater flows from the adjacent up-gradient valley.

Water conservation plan

Conservation is vital in enhancing the sustainability of our desert community. A water conservation plan has been developed to help conserve and extend Searchlight’s available water resources. The plan was developed in accordance with Nevada Revised Statutes and must be updated every five years to quality for grant funding from state sources.

With the majority of Searchlight residents already demonstrating responsible outdoor water use, indoor water conservation is the principal focus of the Searchlight Water Conservation Plan. The plan identifies several mitigation measures that will improve water-use efficiency and promote conservation to extend the use of local groundwater supplies.

For additional information, also see the Searchlight Service Rules (sections 2.7, 5.2 and 8.1) and the Clark County Title 30 — Unified Development Code which can be found at